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Jessica at the Michael Kors 2015 fashion show NYFW

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Jessica at the Michael Kors 2015 fashion show NYFW

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On your layout, who is the person beneath camille and above minttu? :))

That’s Vivian, Nico Rosberg’s wife. :)

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Well,Stoffel is kind of a part of F1 already)) Do you know anything about his girlfriend if he has one, 'course?) and thank you!)

Yeah i suppose :) Well i don’t think he does? but i could be completely wrong. sorry, wish i could help more!! :)

- If anyone could help, that’ll be great

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Hi!thank you for your beautiful and kind blog! Do you know something about Stoffel Vandoorne?

Aw you are very welcome, thank you. Hmm not really ( i tend to focus more on F1) but depends what you want to know. :)

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Kimi and Minttu in Venice

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do you think jules and camille are still together?

Well i’ve noticed on her instagram that she’s in Corsica and has been for the past month or so and no sign of Jules. So i’m thinking that something has happened between them :/ But i really hope they are still together :)

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